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A Very Good Sign in a Very Spontaneous Thought

A thought popped into my head earlier today.

It wasn’t my marketing brain that was engaged at the time, though you’d swear it was.  The thought was, quite simply, “Wow, how did I ever do coaching before CoachAccountable?”

Let me explain just a little, lest this sound like a vapid and shameless pandering of my baby.

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Meet Tim

As I’ve alluded to in recent updates, the development of CoachAccountable 2.0 is being done with the benefit of live coaching relationships taking full advantage of the system.  This allows for practical use that really guides the process and ensures it remains on the right track.  These relationships are with a few friends who have graciously volunteered to be the guinea pigs for CoachAccountable 2.0.

I’d like to now introduce one of them, Tim.

Tim is the owner of BTDenver, a one-man shop that provides computer maintenance, setup, and support services for small businesses.  To put it in readily familiar terms: he’s essentially in the same business as the Best Buy Geek Squad.  But he’ll tell you there’s a real and important difference between a deeply savvy specialist (like he is) and commodity-grade technician proffered up by large service shops like the Geek Squad (in his words, “there are a lot of talented members working there, but the average one working on your problem is basically a high schooler following a flowchart”).

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