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Does Your Coaching Look Professional?

Have you ever thought about what coaching looks like?  Or, more to the point, what YOUR coaching looks like?

It’s more worth pondering than you might imagine.

Coaching by its very nature is a rather abstract process: you would be hard pressed to fill a box with “coaching”, point to it and say “Here, this is what coaching looks like.”  It’s more elusive than that.  Most coaching relationships (even the really good ones), appear on the surface to be a jumble of documents, a few email exchanges, and memories of some good sessions (plus notes about them, maybe).

They appear that way because that’s what they are.

This poses a problem of presentation for any given coach, and for coaching in general.  To the people who hire you, external appearances often form a huge basis for choosing a coach, and even choosing whether to be coached at all.  It’s hard to show off something that is inherently so abstract, and smooth glossy brochures (and their digital analogs) are generally met with at least some skepticism.   You might not trust them to mean anything more than a good design budget, and the same applies for your would-be clients.

This problem gives way to an upshot of using CoachAccountable that is easy to overlook, namely: CoachAccountable is designed to be a professional representation of the quality coaching you do.  The structure and documentation of the happenings between you and your clients takes an abstract process and organizes it into something tangible.

Tangible representation of your coaching means your clients get something that is easy to review and revisit, and makes the value and results of your coaching evident (both during and after your coaching engagements).

This tangible representation that CoachAccountable provides also happens to be interactive, and so will be a component of your clients’ overall experience of working with you.  This fact is taken very seriously: if CoachAccountable is non-trivially part of the coaching you give, CoachAccountable better be darn good.

Every aspect of the system has been carefully crafted to be aesthetically appealing and inviting to use.  It’s not just a matter of pretty pixels, but rather serious recognition that visual impressions matter.  Having a system that just plain looks good and feels good to use sets clients up to appreciate your coaching as equally professional and polished.

As a showcase of your work this becomes so much more than a brochure.  Instead, it’s the real this is what my coaching looks like and this is how it works.  As I detailed in the guide to coaching with CoachAccountable, there are a number of ways to do this:

Happenings Report example

  • Set up a demo account of a typical coaching client relationship, complete with actions, worksheets and/or whatever else shows of the sort of work you do.  Share the login or screenshots however you see fit.
  • Set up a new (or prospective) client with an account ready for their coaching relationship day 1, including any items that mark the onset of your process (intake forms, first actions, goals, etc.).  Walk them through where things are and how things will work.  Let them see your process and experience firsthand what it will be like to work within it.
  • Use embedded metrics to showcase results that are typical of your coaching work (possibly pulled from past coaching work, anonymized as appropriate).

CoachAccountable lets you go one step further as a professional representation of your coaching.  If the core system makes your coaching [process and results] more tangible, custom branding makes it more your own.  At your option, you may essentially white-label the platform and brand it as though it were your own, giving a further degree of professionalism to the presentation of your coaching.

So what does your coaching look like?  If you’ve never given it any serious thought, CoachAccountable might offer you a nice path to answer that question.  Your clients, especially future ones, are truly interested to know. Try CA free for 30 days.

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