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How it Looks to Coach a Session with CoachAccountable

I am absolutely biased when I say this, so you should be on-guard and skeptical when you hear it:

CoachAccountable is an absolute joy to use for the sessions I have with the people I coach.

I love knowing what’s going on, I love coming prepared based on what’s going on, I love watching my coachees make their coaching plans, I love how clearly everything is laid out for us both when we get off the phone.

Before, it was hard to convey this to people.  You kinda have to use CoachAccountable for a full week to appreciate how the work from one week sets things up for the next, and a bit longer to see how the rhythm of it all builds so beautifully.

Basically, it takes a little time before you wonder how you ever did it any other way.

But I’ve cooked up a video that walks you through how your process can look with the benefit of CoachAccountable.  So today, if you’ve got 3 minutes, I can illustrate the beauty of it for you.  Check it out; I recommend watching in full-screen mode.

We’ve built even more functionality since this post in 2013 – check out our latest features by setting up your free 30-day trial now. 


  1. I’d go a little further John
    I think that you need to use CA for a couple of weeks at least as a client to appreciate how useful this is from a client perspective… then use it as a coach. And indeed, I still use it to coach myself :-) As coaches, we all know the things we should be doing and developing and setting up CA to prompt yourself is very powerful – I call it my “auto-nag” system – even my wife is running out of things to remind me now :-)

    Oh and many thanks for the tweaks to the courses module – group coaching with CA is now possible. Great job.

    February 5, 2013 @ 1:50 am

  2. John

    Good insight.

    At first brush it feels like telling folks who are just checking out the software that they should use it in both capacities might be asking too much. But again, you’re right in that it really fleshes out the benefit of the system. My wife and I both use it as clients for setting goals, measuring progress, and creating games around getting things done.

    Thanks for the kudos on courses–proper write up in the next post! Group coaching has now come up a few times. I suppose the system may be closer than I think to supporting that properly, hmmm….

    February 13, 2013 @ 10:48 pm