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Offering Restrictions

Offerings are a terrific way for your new (and even established!) clients to book a session with you, purchase your course, join one of your groups, and more, and do so all in a COMPLETELY self-service way.

This generally works great, empowering your clients, new and old, to further engage with what you have to offer at their own initiative.

But sometimes it’s useful to put restrictions on when they can do so: perhaps you’ve got a group program that has a hard limit on the number of participants, or a deal that’s meant to expire at midnight next Friday.

For that sort of thing, you can now set Offering Restrictions.  Let’s see how they work!

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Scheduling With Your Coaches Based on Who’s Available

Offerings allow new or established clients to schedule themselves for an appointment with a member of your team.  Usually a given Offering entails scheduling with a specific coach, BUT what if you’ve got a collection of coaches, and the “who to book with” part of the equation is really a matter of whomever is available at the desired time?

For example, say Alice is available on Mondays and Bob is available on Tuesdays: what we’d really like is for our clients to be able to pick whichever time works for them on Mondays OR Tuesdays.

In another example, a certain school of business growth encourages teams to utilize a “round robin” strategy for assigning initial coaching calls for prospective clients. This allows all enrollment coaches (or, in other words, sales folks) to have a balanced volume of conversions.

To address these scenarios and others, you can now configure your Offerings to have multiple coaches be considered for scheduling purposes.  Let’s see how this works!

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Offerings for your Established Clients

CoachAccountable Offerings were originally designed to be, first and foremost, for your prospective clients: those clients who were just checking you out, not yet having any working relationship with you, and certainly not yet set up within your CoachAccountable account.

An Offering allows them to schedule that introductory call with you, or purchase a Course of yours, or join one of your groups.  All of this can be done from a widget on your website, or by following a link (as shared any which way): both are perfect for a casual visitor with no established relation with you yet.

But it turns out it’s darn handy to allow your established clients to sign themselves up for (or purchase) additional Offerings in a self-service sort of way.  By making certain Offerings readily accessible from in-app, your clients can peruse and select from your “mini-marketplace” of coaching services at any time.

Let’s see how it works!

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In addition to Stripe and Square, you can now use PayPal to allow your clients to pay your invoices and purchase your Offerings.

CoachAccountable’s support for PayPal has been a bit of a winding path.  PayPal was the original and only payment processor one could choose for client invoice payments for several years.  It was phased out in favor of Stripe and Square, both of which had better support for in-app payments (as opposed to the need to bounce on over to, and the ability to save client cards on file for later invoices.  The former advantage was especially nice for Offerings, and the later for automatic recurring payments in coaching Engagements.

We really wanted every payment processor option to be on even footing, meaning we didn’t want some users to have less functionality available than others based on that choice.  Everyone using PayPal was grandfathered in, but we removed it as an option to steer folks towards Stripe and Square for what they made possible with Offerings and Engagements.

AND YET, it turns out that years later, with the growing CoachAccountable customer base in an increasingly varied set of countries, for many Stripe and Square simply aren’t options due to more limited country support.

So, in spite of the limitations, the time has come for PayPal to rejoin the ranks of payment processors supported by CoachAccountable.

Let’s see how it works!

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Improve the Sales Funnel Journey With Offering-Specific Page Arrangements

In a recent conversation with a coach, I heard the following request:

I want to nurture my clients through a very specific sales funnel.

  1. They should come in through a basic, self-paced Course, which only includes a few items (Actions and Worksheets).
  2. Then, if they want to (and have proven themselves as a good fit), at the end of the Course they can see what else is possible with the system and upgrade to Group Coaching.
  3. After that, I want to upsell with my One-on-One Coaching.
  4. (Optional) the big-ticket private mastermind.

How can I best use CoachAccountable to make this funnel happen?

Enter Offering-Specific Page Arrangement. Let’s take a look.

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What’s the Difference Between Offerings and Engagements?

When setting up your coaching business in CoachAccountable, the difference between Offerings and Engagements can be confusing. Here, we’ll detail what each one is for, and how to use the two in tandem.

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From 0 to Selling Coaching From Your Website in Under 3 Minutes

Here at CoachAccountable, we’re often asked how much time it takes to set up a coaching management system with us. It’s sort of like asking “How long will it take to get new carpet?” Lots of factors affect that one – how many rooms are you carpeting? Have you already chosen the color and style, and is it a specialty brand? Are you doing it yourself or hiring a professional installer? Does other carpet need to be removed first? Is your subfloor in good shape? Do you live in the middle of nowhere? You get the idea.

Our answer to “How long does CA setup take?” is inevitably a version of “Well, it depends. What do your clients need and what do you want the system to do?”

While that’s certainly accurate, we decided to give it a shot for fun and see how fast we could get a brand new account up and running to sell coaching online.

We used just four parts of CoachAccountable (Appointment Configuration, Calendar Sync, Payments, and Offerings) and took just 2:14 to get it completely up and running.

With just a couple minutes, you too can sell your coaching online. Watch this video to see how!

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Prospective Clients are Full-Fledged Clients, and that’s a Good Thing

With the advent of our much-anticipated, oft-requested Offerings, you can now sell coaching directly from your own website. Offerings set up a seamless experience for your clients and prospective clients, with options to schedule an Appointment directly into your calendar, be automatically enrolled in a Course (such as an onboarding Course), and/or participate in a Group.

One of the great things about Offerings is that they eliminate the need to have a separate account with ScheduleOnce, Acuity, Calendly, or other such online scheduling systems.  This is because CA Offerings give you the ability to let prospective clients book intro calls with you directly online.

But Offerings allow you to give much more than just a way for those new clients to schedule themselves into your calendar:

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Offering Collections

Offerings enable you to let your prospective clients sign up for and/or purchase your coaching services from your own website.  Just paste a little snippet of HTML in your website and CoachAccountable takes care of the rest: a spiffy little widget appears, allowing visitors to your site to book themselves right there.

Offerings are a great way to let folks book a complimentary session with you, join a coaching group, or purchase a course that you’ve created.  With such versatility in what an Offering can entail, we haven’t been surprised to see so many coaches who have more than one.

Enter Offering Collections.  Embedding (or linking to) an Offering makes available one single Offering.  Offering Collections allow you to take a collection of Offerings and make them available in a single widget (or on a single, standalone page).

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Offerings – Sell Your Coaching from your Website

If there’s one thing that’s been made crystal clear to me over 6 years of providing an online coaching platform, it’s that people generally seek (and indeed, crave) having a single system that does EVERYTHING.

“An all-in-one solution” is a bit of a cliche, often an unattainable ideal.  But I don’t fault folks for wanting it, especially in a piece of software they use to run their coaching business.

Introducing CoachAccountable Offerings, a big step towards CA being that all-in-one unicorn for coaches.

Offerings started as the answer to a question we commonly get:

CoachAccountable’s scheduling system is great for my existing clients, but how can prospective clients use it to book with me?

For a quick, 3-minute video on how to set up Offerings, check out this article. Or continue reading below for the step-by-step and story!

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