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Team account or Two single accounts?

I got a simple but illustrative question the other day:

Hi John,

I referred my friend Garrett to CoachAccountable and we’re debating on the pros and cons of two single user accounts vs a team account.

Could you help us understand the differences?

I call this an illustrative question because this is a nice lens by which to contrast Team with Basic account.  Here’s the answer I gave that sums it up tidily:

The answer ultimately comes down to if you guys plan to/would benefit from being able to collaborate more tightly.

A pair of single accounts are two completely separate silos: no sharing of clients, no sharing of resources (like templates, files or courses), no visibility/oversight/collaboration of one coach into the work of the other.

Team Edition, by contrast, allows all of these things.  Rather than complete separation, you can work jointly in coaching a given client or group of clients.

Team Edition offers these things but is generally more expensive for a given client count. If you’ll be working largely independently, a pair of single accounts should do fine.

I hope that helps!

Pairing and Permissions

CoachAccountable Team Edition gives coaching organizations flexibility to accommodate their organizational structure.  The key to this is the system of Pairing and Permissions.

Let’s look at these two systems in greater detail.

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Team Edition

Team Edition supports multiple coaches, administrative oversight and more.

Team Edition supports multiple coaches, administrative oversight and more.

CoachAccountable Team Edition is now publicly available.

With this release CoachAccountable is a suitable platform for managing an entire team of coaches, including administrative oversight, coordinated team coaching, shared team resources, and mentorship of newer coaches by more senior ones.

The well-loved and thoroughly-honed supporting structures for client-coaching relationships remains at the heart of the system.

See the full lowdown here.

Team Edition beta is ready

Though it’s been a much longer than anticipated time in coming (more on that later), Team Edition beta is now ready to go.

For my beta testers I’ve just installed a new section on their My Account page which gives them the power to migrate their account:

Migrating to Team Edition takes but a few clicks and a few seconds, and is fully reversible.

Migrating to Team Edition takes but a few clicks and a few seconds, and is fully reversible.

I can’t wait to see how it performs in the wild.  The basics of managing a team of coaches and overseeing a full roster of clients are solid, and in the coming weeks with the aid and input of my beta testers I’ll be adding numerous power tools for organizational coaching management.  Together we’ll play at the evolution for a few weeks, eventually leading up to the release of Team Edition to the general public.

The next chapter of CoachAccountable is now officially begun.  My gratitude to the many who have given me both their interest in Team, as well as their patience with its arrival!