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Relaunched! Introducing CoachAccountable 2.0

After 5 months of development and a nearly 3-year hiatus, CoachAccountable is now relaunched in its second incarnation: a near complete remix and rethinking of the original.  As I mentioned earlier version 1 really didn’t deliver in terms of making coaching relationships more effective, but 2.0 has really shone at the task during its incubation with real coaching relationships.

There’s much more to say about the path thus far, but for now I’ll let the software speak for itself.

In 60 seconds you can set yourself up with a free 30-day, no credit card required.  Give it a whirl.

CoachAccountable 2.0: A Sneak Peak

Development on CoachAccountable 2.0 has been treat these last 5 months.  These last few weeks the system has seen a lot of polish as everything gets ready for public presentation.  Here are a few screenshots that give a sense for how things are coming together.

Client actions.  Being able to set reminders via text is a serious with for timely follow through.

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The Fickle Nature of a Small Pool of Beta Testers

As I mentioned earlier, I was looking forward to sharing some of the feedback of the CoachAccountable 2.0 beta testers.  Last time around (meaning CA1.0), we were eager to give beta tester accounts to just about anyone who expressed the slightest interest.  Participation among the recipients was scattered to say the least, as stickiness and follow-through with usage and feedback were scarce.

This time around I only invited a select few, people whom I knew from at least a few conversations and who showed above-average interest the potential of coaching software.  This was quite deliberate to minimize distraction from the real task at hand: getting the software ready for a public launch, which is of course where the real feedback comes.

Alas, will such a small sample size any noise on the signal becomes disproportionately large.  In this case the signal I’m after is the kind of feedback that can only arise from in-depth use, and it’s been greatly impeded by busy schedules among my small group (indeed, it’s a tall order to ask any coach to explore adopting a whole new set of tools, especially with things still-in-flux).

So I don’t have perspectives and insights from others about applying CoachAccountable to coaching relationships for an extended period of time.  I do, however, have a few first impressions to share:

I do plan on using it and am very excited about the program. I absolutely love it and it’s capabilities! :-)


Love the metrics.  This is a really nice way to track the progress of my coachees.

And then my favorite:

Holy FUCK this is beautiful.   You MUST send an evaluation invite to …  . She’s going to be VERY interested in this, I guarantee.

So there are some good things being seen in the eyes of people who are not me.

Now there is but to get the software out the door and let the whole interested world give it a crack.  I’ve been doing a bit of world travel lately, but soon I’ll be settled in Cusco and with that bit of normalcy progress will resume.  Expect a launch by the end of August, and drop me a line if you’d like to be notified of when you can sign up for your own account.