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Create your course as a series of actions, worksheets and more sprinkled across a timeline.

A new major piece of CoachAccountable has just been released: Courses.

Courses allow coaches to define their own courses & coaching programs as a series of Actions, Metric trackings, Worksheet assignments and more.  These items are placed over a timeline which consists of as many days as the course or program is long.  Compose a timeline consisting of these items and the course is ready for people to go through.

Participants can be put into courses at any time, as many as you like and whenever you like, and either all in sync or in an ad hoc fashion.  CoachAccountable handles the release of course assignments and materials for each participant according to the timeline you set.  For greater flexibility, an individual’s participation in a course can be paused at any time.  Course participation can also be fast-forwarded or  rewound however a coach deems appropriate.

As the course progresses for your participants, you can see at a glance how they are doing with respect to their assignments:


At a glance view of how a participant is doing with the collection of course assignments.

At a glance view of how a participant is doing with the collection of course assignments.

If you’ve ever wanted to design and implement repeatable programs for the people you coach, or even if you have a standard sequence of assignments and events that mark the beginning weeks of your typical client relationships, CoachAccountable courses might be just the thing for you.  Courses are also great for routine & repeatable training procedures.

The Guide

The yellow sticker ain’t lying, folks.

Just released, hot-off-the-press and ripe for consumption: “CoachAccountable’s Poignant Guide to coaching with CoachAccountable”.

CoachAccountable does wonders for structuring coaching relationships, but it takes a bit of experimentation to get into a style that has the tools really work for you.

Until now.

This guide takes the guesswork out of how to set things up for you and the people you coach.  It is designed to be a light but super-useful read, a bit cheeky at times but serious about the subject.  It is not comprehensive documentation of the software and its features, as that would be boring.  Rather it a series of discussions focused on the various benefits that CoachAccountable provides, centered around structural topics that arise over the course of coaching relationships.  Readers are invited to jump around to only those topics that are of interest.

Even if you don’t ever end up using CoachAccountable, the guide holds a lot of ideas and practices that you can apply immediately to your own coaching practice.

Download your copy.

Showcase Your Results with Embedded Metrics

Metrics are great for documenting progress and telling the story behind the numbers.  By the same token they are a great way to showcase the results that your coaching produces for your clients.  After all, nothing demonstrates progress and results quite like real numbers.

CoachAccountable now allows you to embed an interactive metric graph with just a snippet of HTML.  Here’s what one looks like:

[iframe src=”” style=”border: none; padding: 0;” width=”100%” height=”300″]

Mouse over the graph to see annotations and specifics relating to the target: it’s a dense presentation of information that really captures the progression of results over time.

Getting the snippet of HTML for embedding a metric is simple: just click to edit a metric, and grab the embed code from the bottom of the editor window.  Paste it onto your website or in your blog, and you’re showing off results to the world.

Just copy and paste, hit up your web guy for help if you need it.

Want to impress would-be clients?  Showcase the results you’ve produced with one of your clients at this level of detail, and your prospective customer will have a really clear sense of what they could gain by working with you.  Makes a great centerpiece for a case study, or even a blog post.