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Archive for May, 2013

Bringing Out the Big Hosting Guns

In the wake of the two substantial outages earlier during my 10 days offline (I tell you, nothing takes away the peace of mind feeling from a meditation course quite like learning that your server was offline for a total of 11 hours while you were away), I see now that there is to again upgrade CoachAccountable’s hosting setup.

During the outages, the VPS (stands for “Virtual Private Server”) environment suffered from the impacts of other tenants on the machine.  Between downtime and occasionally VERY SLOW performance, I’m clear that this mission critical application for a growing number of coaches is no longer suitable for that kind of vulnerability (indeed, things were simpler when I had more like four customers!).

To that end, CoachAccountable has now just been moved to its new home: a fully dedicated server with a quad core processor, 8GB of memory, and a zippy SSD hard drive.

My sincerest apologies to those coaches (and their clients) who were affected by the outage times earlier this month.  To them and everyone else I sincerely thank you for your patience during the growing pains of CoachAccountable.  I take reliability of the platform very seriously, and am happy to have taken the suitable (and indeed necessary!) measures for greater reliability and speed as things continue to unfold.

It’s hard for me to know for sure as my shaky internet connection here in Nepal has every page taking some 10 seconds or more to load, but I’m told that things are running much faster than there were before.

Right then, back to developing more useful new features!

Digitally Remastered for your Enjoyment

Following shortly after the sharp and fitting chastising I got the other week for shoddy audio quality on the CoachAccountable homepage videos, I had a really fun session in the Voice of Peace recording studio located in Chiangmai, Thailand.  With the help of Poe, VOP’s in house audio technician, I was able to do 2 solid takes for each of the videos (including one on scaling coaching programs, still yet to be animated).

90 minutes very well spent!

The result is now finally in place for the current set of homepage videos.  I don’t have a terribly well-trained ear for audio quality, but when I got home and listened to the studio recordings and then again the ones I had earlier (with my $19 headset), the difference was STAGGERINGLY clear.  So overall I daresay it made quite the upgrade.

I’ve now finished remixing and uploading the 3 videos.  Doing so called for a lot of tweaking of the visual elements’ timing, and while at it I also made a bunch of updates to make things even prettier.  The end result speaks for itself.

Right then, so that should make it much harder to discern that CoachAccountable is a one-man operation.  Should be easier now to keep that fact on the down low.  Mum’s the word. :)