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…And while I was away, CA sent all the reminders to them ;-) Just simplifies my life…

– From Dr. John Kenworthy of Celsim, remarked about CoachAccountable and his coachees after returning from vacation.

Getting more follow-through in the people you coach

When coaching engagements fail, it is far less likely to be a problem of insufficiently brilliant coaching than it is a matter of simple follow through.

Seriously.  Look in your own coaching, or mentorship or training you’ve provided for others.  Chances are high that you were quite qualified to provide the sort of coaching and guidance you were charged to provide, both in your expertise and your ability to communicate that expertise.  It’s the follow through where things typically fall apart, if they fall apart.  It’s whatever happens in the days or weeks following a coaching session when you’re no longer there while the rest of generally busy life is.  The spaces in between your coaching sessions are the real wildcard in your coaching and thus coaching results.

Life comes up.  Inspiration is perishable.  Good ideas fade.  We all wrestle with these truths as we strive to cause great outcomes with the people we coach.

With surprising regularity, follow through and failure to follow through is a just matter of awareness.  Assuming we are doing good coaching, we don’t set up our clients with an action plan that is unrealistic1.  Also assuming we are doing good coaching, we don’t set up our clients with an action plan that isn’t meaningful and worth doing.

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  1. At least not more than 2 weeks in a row: plans that turn out to be overly ambitious do happen, but you can always course correct and reel it back.

File Sharing: Beyond Email Attachments

In coaching we often need to share files.  File resources for your clients can take all kinds of shapes: e-books, images, slides, videos, audio clips.  In the course of a coaching engagement, your style may call for sharing such files.

The most obvious and basic way to do this is to email ’em on over as an attachment.  From that simple baseline, let’s look at how CoachAccountable can do you a few better.

Share File With CoachAccountable

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How to make YOUR style of coaching better with software

One of the hardest things about incorporating technology into a given style of coaching is knowing how to do so in an unobtrusive way: to find structures that are useful, but not burdensome to you or the people you are coaching.

Do you email worksheets back and forth?  Set up  a shared Google doc?  Incorporate some sort of online appointment scheduler?  How about a system for setting invoices and receiving payment?  Or a to-do list app that can be shared?

There are a lot of options to wade through, and it is NOT obvious how to have a system that really hums, jibes with the way you coach, and is easy to use for clients.

It turns out I’m kinda passionate about the intersection of coaching and technology, so I’ve got some thoughts to contribute on the matter.  I’ve created a 30 day email course that goes deep into the subject, and provides a lot of insight about how and why technology can provide big wins for any style of coaching.

This course is free and delivered as a series of 8 emails.  In it you’ll learn how to employ technology to make your coaching easier, more engaging, less time consuming, more effective, easier to sell to new clients, and more.  When you sign up you’ll immediately get your free report: 5 ways to improve ANY style of coaching with technology, which is a primer on how you can start using technology tools in coaching.  Check it out.

New Goodies

A number of new goodies have been added to CoachAccountable, this time with an emphasis on making the system even easier and smoother to use.

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