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Client Engagement Reports

This week has been a deep dive into client engagement in coaching programs, from why it matters and is worth managing to how to cause more of it.  To round out the series I’m happy to unveil CoachAccountable’s brand new Client Engagement Reports.

The impetus to create these reports began 12 days ago during an inspired conversation with Michael Leahy, wherein he expressed the desire to see how his clients were engaging but in a manner more efficient than clicking through to each one and manually reviewing.  The vision was further brought into focus last week when Nicky Roberts shared how keeping up with clients who are falling off in their engagement has made a substantial difference in her client retention.

So now I get it.  Between action plans, marking things done, accessing shared files and more, CoachAccountable already maintains a seriously detailed record of how much clients are engaged in their coaching process.  Knowing that a client is falling behind is actionable information: a chance for coach to check in and offer whatever support might be appropriate.

All that’s needed to make an actionable gauge of client activity is to pull it all together and present it to coach in a way that’s super simple to understand.  Thus the new Client Engagement Reports:

How engaged each client is on a week to week basis.

Move your mouse over any band of activity to see the breakdown of what it entails.

A client’s engagement is summarized on a per-week basis, and is comprised of whichever bits you think are an important indication of their participation: action completions, metric reporting, journal entries, and so on.  Even the number of times they logged in during a week can factor in to their level of engagement.

The setup is simple: pick the date range you’re interested in (the most recent month is a handy default) and which items you want to view engagement on.

Just pick a date range and which things you care about for gauging their involvement.

Just pick a date range and which things you care about for gauging their involvement.

These reports make keeping tabs on who’s keeping up and who isn’t a snap, which is especially important when you’re coaching a lot of people in which case folks might easily go unnoticed when lagging behind.  Given how powerful it is to manage client engagement for the sake of results and a continued relationship, I suspect that this will be a useful addition for many coaches.


  1. David McQuarrie


    June 18, 2014 @ 6:12 pm

  2. Nice addition John. Quickly and easily spot who is engaged and who is falling behind.
    And a godsend for the team edition with my new coaches coming on board soon.

    June 19, 2014 @ 8:40 pm