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Customer Raves: Twila Gates, RN

It was back in September when I put out a call from some of my favorite early adopters of CoachAccountable for a testimonial, something tidy to fit in to the then under constructions testimonials section of the CA homepage.  Some I heard back from immediately, others took a little while, still others I never heard back from (it’s cool, goodness knows it’s a serious favor, and not anyone’s job to do my marketing for me).

Twila Gates, Senior Credentialed ADHD coach of the ADHD Success Network lovingly let me know that time was tight but she’d get back to me.

Today she got back to me, and then some.  I’m delighted and humbled by the way-above-the-call-of-duty missive she has written, which I share with you now.  Twila, take it away.

Twila Gates, RNI must say that I was extremely fortunate to have signed up with CoachAccountable very early on (I think John said I was user #8). In any case, I was so excited that I found CoachAccountable when I did. Even though CoachAccountable was in its infancy it provided many of the features that I was looking for in my desire to coach my clients to the very best of my ability.

When I signed on I had already spent $10,000+ to have a site developed with many similar capabilities to CoachAccountable… I can tell you that it was not a fun experience, despite my technical knowledge (from a database standpoint). I was at a point where I had to decide to toss the idea or spend a lot more to get it done right. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there trying to create the same type of interface as what I so very much desired… enter CoachAccountable.

I nearly came unglued with excitement when I found CoachAccountable as it had many of the features I wanted and it worked (unlike my own venture into this arena). So I signed up and started playing with it immediately. Not too far in I also added the feature for clients to login at my website portal. I have NEVER regretted my decision to use Coach Accountable.

I work with people who have Attention Deficit (ADD / ADHD). Part of the focus in our coaching is… well …. developing “focus” and “structure”. I had always assisted my clients in creating goals with metrics (I was using a spreadsheet)… but to have it web accessible and web updateable was one of my dreams fulfilled. Setting automated reminders tied into session times, actions, metrics, notes, etc was unbelievably easy and VERY good for my clientele.

John was great and did some re-structuring of the metrics interface so it is possible to view major/long term goals separate from daily or weekly types of goal tracking. He also created an accordion feature for the graphic so a longer list was easier to view. I couldn’t believe that John was so open to my suggestions and ideas. I think at one point… I was a bit much for him, as I was contacting him every few days with questions and ideas.

John never wavered… I’m not saying he gave me everything I asked for, but if it made sense for coaches in general, he as happy to at least consider. Several fixes and additions were made and he knows about a few more things I would like to see happen. John is so fantastic… he considers everything carefully as his desire is to have a very clean and user friendly interface, which I agree is very important. I anticipate that John is already thinking about various requests right now due to his wonderful responsiveness and desire to continue to add features that make sense.

All in all, I would very highly recommend Coach Accountable to ANY coach. It assists you in creating continuity, awareness, motivation, effective communications and an outstanding experience for clients. Coach Accountable gets an A+++++ and John gets an A++++++++++++.


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