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A Brief History of CA Versions

Now that v3, the new version of CoachAccountable’s coaching software is out, I thought it would be fun to recap the path from 2.0’s launch over 5 years ago that led us to where we are now.

The funny thing is I haven’t really used version numbers since 2.0 came on the scene, instead making incremental changes and improvements, large and small, at a regular clip that amounted to a monthly, weekly, or indeed sometimes daily basis!

This is no doubt one of the great luxuries of web-based software.

But what if I DID use version numbers to mark the big jumps?  What would I consider to be the major .point (and even kinda major .point.point) releases?  This is realm of creative editorial discretion, and so I invite you to come along for a journey into largely contrived (yet totally plausible) trajectory of CA’s journey from 2.0 to 3.0!


2.0, August 30 – Initial launch.  After 3 years on the shelf, CoachAccountable’s return to being a publicly available online coaching platform.  This time is was actually good!

2.0.1, September 7th – Inbound Email Processing.  Just a week after launch I put in a whole new way to mark Actions complete and report on Metrics.

2.0.2, September 30th – Client Data Export.  Get all of your coaching client data and files out with a single click.

2.1, November 29th – CoachAccountable Courses.  Courses, for all their complexity, took me only a month to build.  Amazing to think back at how quickly I could work before I had a substantial volume of customers. :)


2.1.1, February 7th – Course Enhancements.  Following items, cloning items, spin off versions, and a few other goodies added.

2.1.2 March 23 – Gallery Images.  Uploaded images were made embeddable in compositions like Worksheets, Journal Entries, and so on.

2.1.3, April 29th – In-system Emailing.   Coach and client could email one another via the system, with benefit of it all being documented as part of the coaching record.

2.2, October 9th – CoachAccountable Groups.  Full on support for group coaching.


2.2.1, February 25th – Client Invoicing Overhaul.  A better coaching client invoicing system now supporting line items, taxes, and automatic delivery of scheduled invoices.

2.2.2, March 19th – Happenings Reports.  Automatically sent routine summaries of client progress.

2.3, July 2nd – Team Edition.  Full on support for collaboration and coordination of coaching teams.

2.3.1, August 8th – Action Projects.  Grouping of related Action items together and overall progress visualization.

2.3.2, October 10 – Client Export Files.  Easily generated HTML files of documented coaching work with a given client, ripe for sharing or archiving.

2.3.3, November 7th – Two way sync with calendars.  Let the system know your precise availability for accurate appointment scheduling.

2.3.4, November 29th – Stripe and  More options for accepting client payments online.


2.3.5, January 15th – Whiteboards.  Collaborative and evolving documents.

2.3.6, March 10th – System Email Addresses.  Communications done over regular email that are automatically documented to the coaching client record.

2.3.7, April 6th – API.  First release of the CoachAccountable API.

2.3.8, May 15th – Form-Based Worksheets.  Worksheets no longer limited to WYSIWYG editor mode: now with check boxes, radio buttons, text areas and the like.

2.3.9, June 25th – Piping Worksheet answers into Metrics.  The act of filling out a Worksheet populates in turn Metric data points, enabling the creation of sophisticated course workflows.

2.4, September 30th – CA Mobile.  CoachAccountable gets fully mobile friendly, no need for a coaching app.


2.4.1, June 28th – Unit Based Courses.  Support for self-paced Courses wherein the completion of one item triggers the dispatch of the next.


3.0, November 27th – CoachAccountable 3.0.  The completely remixed UI packed with plenty of other goodies and free White Label branding.

Gosh, it looks like I was really phoning it in in 2016 and 2017!  But of course that’s when I was doing all the heads down work for 3.0.  And there are a ton of little releases and features all along the way that didn’t make the cut as I tried to keep this a not too tedious and granular list.

Nevertheless I’m struck by how far CA has come over the years, and find myself both amazed and grateful for the folks who paid the exact same price for a much less capable system 3, 4, and 5 years ago (CA is in fact LESS expensive today with Courses, Groups and White Labeling now all being included at no extra charge, that combo used to cost $80 + $40 + $50).

Now that the dust has settled from 3.0, and I’ve had a nice bit of time off to relax and regroup, I’m excited to get crackin’ on what’s next!

If you want to be a part of that “what’s next”, try us out free.

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