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Team account or Two single accounts?

I got a simple but illustrative question the other day:

Hi John,

I referred my friend Garrett to CoachAccountable and we’re debating on the pros and cons of two single user accounts vs a team account.

Could you help us understand the differences?

I call this an illustrative question because this is a nice lens by which to contrast Team with Basic account.  Here’s the answer I gave that sums it up tidily:

The answer ultimately comes down to if you guys plan to/would benefit from being able to collaborate more tightly.

A pair of single accounts are two completely separate silos: no sharing of clients, no sharing of resources (like templates, files or courses), no visibility/oversight/collaboration of one coach into the work of the other.

Team Edition, by contrast, allows all of these things.  Rather than complete separation, you can work jointly in coaching a given client or group of clients.

Team Edition offers these things but is generally more expensive for a given client count. If you’ll be working largely independently, a pair of single accounts should do fine.

I hope that helps!

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