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Organize Your Whiteboards with Folders

One of the great things about working at CoachAccountable is that we each have built-in coaching at our jobs. To that end we’ve each got a client account under the other’s coach account (meaning John is a client of Morgan, and Morgan is a client of John). As you might imagine, that comes with a lot of material; specifically, we’ve got roughly billions of Whiteboards for collaboration (company culture, easy-access links to our reviews on Capterra and Google, etc.). That means I often need to search for a particular Whiteboard.

And here’s Sho to show us a new idea!

When Shorombo Mooij, a life and health coach from Holland, suggested folders for Whiteboards, I heartily agreed and added the task to our weekly Morgan’s the Boss session. Thanks to John’s quick work, Whiteboard folders now exist!

Here’s how to use them.

In the same way you organize Files in your Library or a client’s Files area, add a folder to your Whiteboards by clicking +Folder.

Choose the name for your folder and create it. Then, just drag and drop files onto it and they’ll be placed inside the folder.

Click the folder to see what’s inside. From here you can also create subfolders. If you want to move a file back out of the folder, just drag it onto “Up.” You’ll notice that underneath the “+ Whiteboard” button there’s a handy access to see the folder structure while you’re in it.

Add whiteboards folder in CoachAccountable

This actually is one of my favorite ads – it’s by the people who did the commercials for Squatty Potty and Poopourri.

To remove a folder, simply remove everything inside it, then refresh.

Thanks, Sho, for the inspiration and suggestion.



  1. Shorombo Mooij

    I absolutely love how fast this went from suggestion to implementation. I am talking just mere weeks here. This, for me is a huge reason why I am a fan of CA, there is a very direct communication link between us the customers and CA.

    March 27, 2019 @ 3:14 pm

  2. Super thanks!

    Yes Shorombo Mooji! It was the same reason why I started using CA…..

    Keep rocking!


    March 28, 2019 @ 8:04 am