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Simplify a Client’s View with Individual Page Arrangement

For some time, coaches have been able to change the client page arrangement. This helped customize and streamline the system; you could, for instance, turn off the Journal tab if you don’t have your clients do journaling. That gives the coachee one less thing to look at, one less thing to click on or get distracted by.

However, that had its limitations. Many coaches work with distinct groups of people, some of which journal every day and some of which never journal. Before, you as coach had to determine the page arrangement for all of your clients with a master setting.

Now, you can set this arrangement on a per-client basis.

Default Client Page Arrangement

Your default page arrangement will apply unless you customize the page arrangement for someone. Set this in Settings >> System >> Client Page Arrangement.

CoachAccountable client page arrangement

Turn on and off visibility for various tabs, drag them to reorder, and choose whether you’d like clients to see the invoices page. Click on each section for a brief description of what it does.

Page Arrangement for Other Coaches

As a Team Edition account owner, up at the top you’ll see a dropdown with the ability to set the default page arrangement for yourself, specific other coaches, or newly added coaches coming into your system.

Individual Client Page Arrangement

To change a single client’s page arrangement, go to Home and your clients page. Each client has a settings button in the lower right. Click that, and you’ll see Page Arrangement just above Delete/Deactivate.

You’ll have a couple options:

  • Go with the organization-wide default (meaning the layout you just set up in Settings >> System >> Client Page Arrangement).
  • Use this custom arrangement. Here you’ll have the same ability to turn visibility for various sections on or off, and drag to rearrange.

Custom individualized client page arrangement

If you’ve got Team Edition, you’ll have a third option:

  • Use whatever [clientFirstName]’s primary coach has set. The primary coach’s name is included here too, eliminating any guesswork.

Overall, this function will allow you to simplify a client’s first impression and prevent overwhelm or burnout with the system. As you build complexity with that coaching engagement, you can always turn items back on and introduce them in a controlled fashion.

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