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Join Us: In-Person Coach Meetups in Los Angeles

Every week we hear a few requests for some sort of users group, some opportunity to connect with other coaches.

While our monthly webinar series has proven a successful time for education and group contribution, there’s still more room for community.

So we’re trying something new: an in-person coaches meetup in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles Coaches and Mentors Meetup

Why Announce Our Meetup to Everyone?

We realize an in-person Meetup will only be feasible for a small segment of our global community of users.  Nevertheless, there are some good reasons to share this more broadly:

  • Putting this out here gives us the chance to suss out interest from coaches in other places: “Hey, can’t make the LA meetup, but can you do one in my city?” (if you’re thinking this to yourself right now, let us know!).
  • We’ve heard from coaches worldwide who periodically visit Los Angeles or have long layovers in LA.
  • This meetup isn’t just for CoachAccountable customers. All coaches are welcome, and we know many of you have wide networks of coach friends who might be in the greater Los Angeles area.  I was shocked to find that there wasn’t already a coaches and mentors group happening in LA (given how many coaches live here), so we’re happy to be organizing what may be the first one.

This is a Test

Arguably, an in-person meetup for an essentially virtual company is an odd fit.  Yet there’s something so powerful, so enlivening about making connections in person, especially when virtual is so thoroughly the norm.  Plus it’s fun. :)

So we’re going to give it a real try, and just see how this goes.  We want to see what kind of interest there genuinely is in an in-person meetup.  We’ll host an event monthly, and do it for six months.  By that time, we expect to have a good read on whether this is worth continuing with.

Ultimately, what we’re up to as a company is making the entirety of coaching better, for both clients and coaches.  To that end, an in-person meetup is worth doing.

Here’s a blurb from our meetup page itself:

If you’re like most coaches (everyone from brand-new to seasoned pro), you crave community. You feed off the enthusiasm of other people causing breakthroughs.

And if you’re like most coaches, you want to know what’s working and what’s not working out there. How are other coaches running their businesses? Strategies for working remotely? Hosting live workshops? Squarespace or WordPress?

–> Come to our monthly Los Angeles coaches gathering. <–

No matter your area of focus (life coaching, business coaching, finance coaching, leadership coaching, relationship coaching, mentoring, and so on), come to learn (and share) best practices.

“But I’m afraid someone will steal my worksheet idea!” Guess what? People aren’t signing up for your worksheets and materials. They’re signing up to work with YOU. Nobody else can coach in the exact same way you can. And, let’s not forget why we started coaching: to make a difference. The more coaches, and the more people getting coached, the better off the world is. Share only what you’re comfortable sharing.

So Far So Good

Our first meetup occurred in early August. Attendance was light compared to the 16 who’d RSVPed, but we had a great mix: a fitness coach, an executive coach, and a sales coach, all at different points in their careers. We bonded over shared stories of how we entered the coaching world and what we’d each gotten in our own lives from coaching, and shared tips on keeping clients longer (the loose topic of the meetup).

The attendees each sent passionate messages afterward and added suggestions for future incarnations, all of which have been implemented.  It feels like we’re on the right track!

Los Angeles Coach Happy Hour

The scene of our August coaches meetup – the magic 8ball said “good idea”

Find Our Los Angeles Coaches Meetup

In the LA area and want to get out and connect with some peers?  Join our meetup group.

Our next event is Thursday, September 12 from 6-8PM Pacific Time. The topic is “Mastering Client Referrals.”

Can’t make the coaches gathering but want to see what we’re all about? Start your free CoachAccountable trial now.


  1. Hi Morgan and John

    What a great idea! I’m moving to LA!

    Wishing you great success.


    August 22, 2019 @ 1:00 am

  2. Morgan

    Hey all, just wanted to announce: We’ve ended the 6-month experiment with in-person meetups in Los Angeles. There hasn’t been enough interest or attendance, unfortunately.

    Perhaps in the future we’ll give it another go, or join forces with another group that’s up to similar stuff. Here’s to community, in whatever form it comes!

    November 13, 2019 @ 6:37 pm