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Group Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a great place to keep a living document – perhaps an evolving business plan, a 5-year outlook, or a list of suggested reading materials. Until now, you’ve been able to keep your own Whiteboards, collaborate with an individual client on them, and share them via Courses.

Now the members of a Group can collaborate on a Whiteboard. Let’s take a look.

How to Enable Group Whiteboards

You’ll need to enable Whiteboards on a per-Group basis. Do this by going into the Group’s Settings; in the Add Ons section, tick the box for “Enable Group Whiteboards”.

Enable Group Whiteboards in CoachAccountable

You’ll now see Whiteboards as an option on the left sidebar. Go there, then click + Whiteboard to create a new one.

Note you’ve got the typical privacy options: to share the Whiteboard with the Group or keep it private for yourself. Team Edition accounts have additional privacy settings pertaining to the team coaches.

As with single-client Whiteboards, you’ll have the ability to peruse past versions of the Whiteboard to see what’s been changed and by whom.

See drafts of a Group Whiteboard in CoachAccountable's coaching software

In this case, each group member used a different color to contribute, but that convention is up to you!

That drafts view gives you a Google Drive-like functionality, without the creepy potential for someone watching what you type (I’m looking at you, Anonymous Llama).

Whiteboards in Non-Visible Groups

If you’ve got some admin-only Groups (meaning your clients can NOT view and participate in the Group, but you’ve set it up to help with your own management of clients), these Whiteboards will simply show up in each client’s respective individual Whiteboard tab.

You can still edit that Group Whiteboard, and those changes will show up in each client’s version of the Whiteboard. This is a great way to share items like resource lists across sections of or all of your client base.

Clients will not be able to edit Whiteboards in admin-only Groups, because they don’t know they’re in a Group! (For more discussion on the uses of admin-only Groups, check out our Webinar on the topic. Click on your name in the upper right >> Webinars to watch.)


Group Whiteboards: Another great project management tool in CoachAccountable brought into existence by the requests of our users!

Start your free trial of CoachAccountable today. Groups (and the new Group Whiteboards) come with your account at no additional cost. 

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