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If you’re thinking about getting started…

I got this email today:

I am just getting started as Hypnosis and Life coach.

I need this program as I have ADD and struggle with the maintenance/admin part of any job and now I am on my own, and want to be professional and be able to manage business on my own.

I don’t have paying clients yet, only peer coaching, but anticipate paying clients soon and would like to try the trial program. Or should I wait?

What do you think?

We get this question a lot from coaches who are just getting started, wondering if it’s worth potentially wasting their 30 free days of the trial period when they’re not quite yet off and running with their business.

To others who find themselves in a similar situation, I figure the response I gave her is worth sharing:

Great question!  As indicated in Item 1 of our Terms of Awesome (which the system will guide you to check out whenever you sign up) we’re happy to extend your trial if you haven’t yet really used it with real clients, so there’s no downside to giving CA a whirl sooner than later if you’re keen to do so.  (Plus you’re always free to come back and get another trial account.)

Moreover if you anticipate paying clients soon you may find having CoachAccountable to be a substantial advantage in attracting them and differentiating yourself.  Our webinar titled “A Better Coaching Website” gives a lot of ideas on how to make the value of what you do and the how of your process more evident to people who are considering working with you, and with CA Offerings you can make it so that people can sign up for your services or even just book an exploratory call with you right from your website.

All of these things will help you convey your professionalism while you’re getting established, and will help you manage a lot of the admin bits!

Whether now or later, and with CA or some other platform, I hope you find what you’re looking for to support your business!


So there you have it: if CoachAccountable looks in any way worth exploring, feel more than free to grab an account, EVEN IF you’re not sure you’ll have paying customers soon.

Our policy of liberally extending the trial periods of folks who are clearly still just kicking the tires means you don’t have to worry much about taking on a premature expenditure1, and having CA up and running as part of the professional presentation of your work can help you get started with those paying clients sooner.


  1. We don’t extend trials indefinitely, of course, but we’re happy to forego the opportunity of charging you $20 for a month or two!

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