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Offerings for your Established Clients

CoachAccountable Offerings were originally designed to be, first and foremost, for your prospective clients: those clients who were just checking you out, not yet having any working relationship with you, and certainly not yet set up within your CoachAccountable account.

An Offering allows them to schedule that introductory call with you, or purchase a Course of yours, or join one of your groups.  All of this can be done from a widget on your website, or by following a link (as shared any which way): both are perfect for a casual visitor with no established relation with you yet.

But it turns out it’s darn handy to allow your established clients to sign themselves up for (or purchase) additional Offerings in a self-service sort of way.  By making certain Offerings readily accessible from in-app, your clients can peruse and select from your “mini-marketplace” of coaching services at any time.

Let’s see how it works!

Setting Up Offerings for Established Clients

Making certain Offerings accessible in-app to your clients is as simple as creating an Offering Collection, choosing one or more Offerings to be part of that collection, and checking the “List this for in-app access by established clients” checkbox, like so:

Offerings Collection setup

Note how there’s also the option to make this collection ONLY accessible to established clients… more on that later!

When you dedicate Offering Collections as listed for in-app access, your clients will see them as new items in their top-right user menu.

If there’s just one such collection, it appears by name in the menu:

If you list more than one to be client-facing, they’ll appear in the “Offerings” sub-menu:


If you designate the Offering Collection as available only to your established clients, anyone who accesses that collection when NOT already logged in (say, if they get to it by the direct URL rather than the the in-app link) will be redirected to log in first.  In this way, by checking both check boxes you can designate collections of Offerings that are truly meant only for your established clients, and not the prospective ones.

The Client Experience

When your client clicks on the collection, they’ll be sent the the Offerings Collection page to choose and sign up (or purchase).

Unlike the usual flow for new clients, they’ll not need to fill in their name and email, since that is naturally already known. The other key difference is that they’ll be able to use any payment cards they have on file to make purchases, making the process as quick and seamless as possible.

As you would expect, their signing up for a new Offering this way has whatever effects occur on their existing client account, rather than creating a new client account.

These effects can include:

  • Scheduling themselves for an appointment (this can be one that they might not otherwise be able to schedule themselves for)
  • Paying for an appointment
  • Purchasing several appointments by way of a new Engagement
  • Participating in a Course
  • Gaining membership into a Group
  • Having a new Client Agreement to agree to

Single-Item Offering Collections

Offering Collections are generally meant to be just that: a collection of several Offerings.  The Offerings Collection page presents a menu of all contained items, like so:

An Offering Collection

Clicking the “view more…” link reveals the detailed description.

However, you can make an Offering Collection with just one Offering.  In that case, presenting a menu with just one choice would be a little silly, so instead the system puts the blurb and description for that Offering front-and-center, like so:

A single Offering in a Collection

Since there’s just one option, the description shows front-and-center.

This allows you to have an Offering that is, in many ways, its own standalone landing page, with all the information about it to let visitors make an informed choice.  (Incidentally, the behavior works whether the collection is meant for established clients or new ones.)

Offerings have always been a powerful and flexible way to let your new clients start in on (and optionally pay for) your coaching programs.  This ability, to feature Offerings specifically for your existing clients, gives them a similar self-service capacity by which to engage with you further.



  1. Hey John,

    Great work! I was planning to ask you how I could do this and with this blogpost it has been answered!!

    CA just keeps on getting better and better!!!!

    Keep being AWESOME and healthy of course.

    You too Morgan :)


    May 16, 2020 @ 10:33 am

  2. Damon Stoddard

    AWESOME!!! Great work John and Morgan!

    May 26, 2020 @ 5:07 pm

  3. This was exactly what I needed!
    Thank you, Morgan!

    July 29, 2020 @ 8:23 pm

  4. Greg Bruce

    Thanks, Jaclyn! As always, your advice & direction is “spot on.” CA is the BEST! Thank you all.

    September 27, 2021 @ 5:02 pm

  5. Caren Robinson

    This was a great explanation of Offerings. I am very grateful for the visual aids and not just written text. Being able to actually see the process and click on the actual buttons to test is immersive and helps me understand a lot better. Thanks!

    July 13, 2022 @ 3:43 pm