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What’s the Difference Between Companies and Groups?

With the release of CoachAccountable Companies, you may be wondering when and why you’d use Companies versus Groups. Let’s discuss the differences!


Companies allow people you’re not coaching into the system for limited administrative purposes. Examples include:

  • HR folks who pay the bill for several coachees you’re working with
  • Stakeholders who want a quick view into what’s going on
  • Parents who pay invoices for their children’s coaching

Use Companies to set up these additional users, since Personnel do not count as active clients.

Just invoicing access? Select reports? Total client records? Your choice!

You may also want to use Companies to message everyone at a company.


CoachAccountable Groups are for, well, coaching groups of people. Examples include:

  • A mastermind Group that’s hybrid online and in-person learning
  • A completely virtual timebound challenge, say 30 days to a fitness goal (CoachAccountable replaces things like Facebook groups)
  • A team working on a goal together (Group Action Projects are great for this)
  • Accountability partners
  • Romantic partners/couples

One example of what a Group can do – Group Metrics!

You may also want to use Groups for a subset of your clients who are all working on similar goals, but who don’t know they’re in a Group within the system (i.e. more for your administrative purposes).

The Answer is Probably Both

Most coaches who work with companies tend to use both Companies AND Groups in CoachAccountable. In short, you’ll use Companies for billing & allowing access for non-coaching people, and you’ll use Groups to do the actual coaching. 

Use Groups to assign items to everyone (or just some people) at the company, share files with them, track Metrics together, and more. Doing more one-on-one work? You can always assign items to just one person at a time as usual, outside the Group.

Check out the recorded webinar on Groups for more on how to set up and use them – find it here.

As part of Companies, Company Groups became a thing, where you can ensure that when you add someone into a Company, they’re automatically put into the correct Group. Learn more about that interplay in the article on Companies.

Company Group

And that’s the gist of it! You might find that you need only one or the other, or that the interplay of both is exactly what you were looking for.

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