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Follow Through Reports

One of the magical things of having CoachAccountable turn your coaching relationships into structured, documented experiences for your clients is that you (and they!) have a detailed window into how things are going: what’s been created, what’s been accomplished, and, to the point of driving accountability and execution, what’s getting done and what’s not.

A Client’s individual Client Page gives a detailed window into how progress is unfolding, and this can transparency lends power to your coaching calls.  You can skip the weather report and dive right in, thanks to heightened awareness of your client’s situation.

Thanks to the newly released Follow Through Reports, you can take this idea a step further and get an at-a-glance view of how ALL of your clients are doing, follow-through-wise, with their assignments.As you might expect, you’ll find the new Follow Through Reports on the Reports page:

Finding Follow Through Reports from the menu

There are two flavors to choose from when it comes to viewing the timeliness and completion of client assignments: Actions and Worksheets.

Here’s an example of a Follow Through Report on Worksheets that have been assigned over the last month or so:


Follow Through Reports for Worksheets

A quick, at-a-glance view of how clients are doing on their Worksheet assignments.

The total width of the summary bar is proportional to the number of assignments a given client has had over the date range in question.  Hovering your mouse over a given colored summary band explains what contributes to it.  Clicking on any header allows you to sort, and even the summary column is sortable, revealing a rough ordering of the overall consistency of follow through.

By clicking the gear icon, you reveal a few more controls by which to customize and filter your report.  If, for example, you have all of your clients doing a weekly reporting, you can get an at-a-glance view of who is and who isn’t keeping up for a given week (or over any other time span), like so:

Filter controls for a Follow Through Report

By filtering on the name of the Worksheet, you can see how follow through is panning out for a particular type of assignment.

With a Team Edition account, you can also get a breakdown of client follow though organized by coach, allowing you to see if and how your team coaches are varying in the follow through of their respective clients.

Follow Through by coach

Sorting by summary, then by coach gives a nice summary that is grouped by coach.  Solid bands in the summary bar are for items that are completed; the faded variations denote not yet.

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon found on the right for each client, you can bring up a detailed summary of all the Actions/Worksheets that comprise those stats:

Listing of Actions for a Follow Through Report

Now you can see exactly which items are contributing to (and detracting from) timely follow through.

And if you feel so inclined to drill into the details of your client’s follow through, you can go one step further and click the magnifying glass for any specific item.  This brings up the item’s full details, as well as comments:

Commenting on an item

See something outstanding and already late? Might be the perfect time to offer up some friendly encouragement.

The ability for you to comment right then and there is powerful: it’s an easy way to offer up some timely acknowledgement for effort already made, and encouragement on specific bits not yet complete.

So much of the magic of coaching relies on clients doing the work to apply it to their lives, the stuff of what happens (or doesn’t!) when you’re NOT there.  With these new Follow Through Reports, you’ve got another tool at your disposal to keep tabs on how things are going across ALL your clients, and offer gentle nudges in support of their follow through with very little effort.

Shout out to Steve O. in Australia for the inspiration on this one: this addition is apt to benefit many!

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  1. Devin

    Wow! John being able to see the timeliness across all clients in aggregate is very enlightening. It’s great to be able to segment out follow through on Actions and Worksheets in the color-banded layouts. This is brilliant! Thank you!

    June 13, 2021 @ 8:24 pm