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Nine Apps Rolled Into One

I did a demo recently.  While conveying the range of all that CA does and is capable of, for fun I took a moment and rattled off on my fingers the various usually-separate apps it plays the part of.

I was surprised to find my two hands were nearly insufficient for the task!

Here are the nine I came up with off the top of my head:

1. Invoicing

CA Invoicing lets you issue invoices to customers (the individuals or companies that hired you), and they can pay those invoices online.  Scheduled, recurring, broad currency support, lock out options for unpaid accounts, overdue notices, exportable reports.

 2. Scheduling

CA Appointments give you full-stack scheduling that can take the place of dedicated scheduling apps, like Calendly and Acuity.  Reminders, invites, rules, calendar sync, plus some niche functionality specific to coaching (like pre- and post-appointment worksheets) that commodity schedulers lack.

3. Contract Signing

CA Agreements let you draft documents ready for read and sign, type your name here, your initials here, check here to confirm you understand, etc.  Plus date and IP-address time stamping for a courtroom-grade, unfudge-able record of who agreed to what and when.

4. Habit Tracking

CA’s Metrics gently nudge your clients to report on a routine basis their follow through and KPIs, building tangible results and lending coachable insights.

 5. To-Do List

Tailored specially towards turning coaching insights into real-life results, CA’s Actions for tracking to-dos lend power and accountability to the coaching relationship.

6. LMS

I never set out to build a Learning Management System, but CA Courses have power and functionality that rate with the best of them.  With CA’s slant towards active participation by way of Actions, Worksheets, Metrics and Whiteboards, CA Courses bring more than the usual focus on mere content consumption.

7. Group Platform

CA Groups have allowed many to ditch their Facebook, Mighty Networks, and other community platforms.  It’s nice to have it all in one place, nicer to move your coaching out of the crosshairs of ad-driven content scraping, and even nicer still to weave in the coach-centric participatory aspects like Group Metrics and Group Worksheets.

8. Contact Manager

CA is DEFINITELY not trying to be a full fledged CRM, but for the clients you’re actually working with it certainly serves as one, and for many is all the CRM you need.

9. e-Commerce

CA Offerings allow you to sell your coaching packages, courses, and group memberships to your clients, new and established.  CA Engagements let you manage the number of sessions a client has coming to them and set an invoicing plan for automatic recurring billing.  This isn’t the platform for slinging products, but is often everything a coaching firm needs to be well and truly open for business.


And those are the nine I could think of.

Is CA’s take on each of those 9 necessarily at full feature parity with respective specialized apps?  Nah.  For some purposes CA will fall short (take the scheduler, for instance: it’s for your coaching clients, so if you need folks to book you for coffee dates, you’ll wanna keep an external one!).

But there’s never been a problem with folks being oversold on CA’s capabilities and being disappointed.  Quite the contrary: CA routinely has the problem of folks being undersold, in that they often don’t realize it very much already does the thing they wish it did.

Sometimes folks say that CoachAccountable is complex, that there’s a lot to learn and figure out.  When viewed through the lens of it doing the job of no fewer than nine distinct apps, I figure we should expect nothing less!

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