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Interview on the ANBRWY Podcast

Another fun thing about being done with Version 5 is coming up for air and circling back to invitations I had previously declined on grounds of the need to focus.  To that end, it was my pleasure recently to sit with and be interviewed by Jaclyn Stripling, CoachAccountable staff alum, for the ANBRWY Podcast.

It was a fun recap of the long arc of CoachAccountable’s existence and way of doing things, doubly so as mediated and probed by a third party who herself was there for two years of it.  If you’re curious about what motivates the way and workings of CoachAccountable as a business, including why I run it the way I do and the ostensibly curious decision to run solo of late, you’ll find that and more.

Specific to the CA story, this includes:

  • Going from contract work to making a product
  • Humble beginnings of growing one customer at a time
  • The slow, relaxed pace by which I made Version 5
  • CA’s destiny if I die or get bored or otherwise go away
  • Experiences of being coached that led to CA as a way to make those better

We also covered more universal themes of entrepreneurship, including:

  • Letting customer interactions be the guide
  • Empowerment through betting on yourself as able to figure things out
  • Overcoming “should” and the tyranny of goals
  • Sidestepping the hustle by favoring and focusing on creative output


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