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A Shaky, Then Fantastic, First Impression

Last week during the database downtime incident happening at the (now past) hosting environment, Scott Hudspeth of Marketing in the Clouds dropped me an email:

Tried to sign up through 2 different browsers, are you guys having issues?


Sure enough, this was during the 90-minute downtime window we had.  Luckily I was online (this was at around 9am in Laos), and was able to reply 7 minutes later:

Hi Scott,

Unfortunately we are–CoachAccountable is hosted with DreamHost (for literally about 1 more day only), and they are having a major outage right now:

The public site is up, but the database connectivity is down, hence your difficulty in signing up.

Thanks for dropping me a line, and thanks for your patience as this gets sorted.  As you might imagine, I’m now doubly keen to get things moved over to a more reliable and high-powered host!


We volleyed a little more with Q and A, and I was feeling pretty good that most of what Scott was looking for was, sure enough, supported by CoachAccountable.  20 minutes later the database was back up and everything was back to normal.  I relayed the good news, Scott signed himself up, and onward we volleyed with Q and A about the system, now based on his firsthand experience of playing around with the system.

After fielding a few more questions and explaining how CoachAccountable courses work, Scott made my day with a shining endorsement:

This system is sick brother and exactly what I needed my friend.

I’m honored and blessed to have met you by email :)

I was moving on being the sign up didn’t work but something said to try the support email to see what happens and you responded.

Thank you for responding, I usually don’t give it a second chance.

Love it, you have a client for life

Wow, I am SO GLAD he gave CoachAccountable the second chance with his simple note that started off the exchange, and, in a roundabout way, appreciate how the outage gave us the reason to connect and chat over email in the first place1.

So thanks for your patience, Scott.  May CoachAccountable serve you and your people fantastically!


  1. Not that I’m going to deliberately cause any in the future–I reckon that would make a poor marketing strategy in general.

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