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Happy Birthday, CoachAccountable!

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a ribbon of the exact shade, #6C9C31.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a ribbon of the exact shade of CA green, #6C9C31.

Goodness they grow up so fast when they’re young, don’t they?

Just yesterday CoachAccountable turned 1: it was one year ago that I released it from my laptop in Peru to deliberately very little fanfare.

In those days very few people who tried it really got the concept, because there wasn’t much by way of illustrating the why and the wins of using the system.  Now with explainer videos, an illustrated manual, a heap of blog posts, and a richer, more encompassing set of features people are much more able to understand the value of using CoachAccountable and put it into their practice (the change in my conversion rates make this most obvious!).

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Back in the USA!

After 365 days of living and traveling abroad, my wife and I returned last month to the US.  Last weekend we moved into a home here in Denver, and just yesterday I setup my desk and my trusty ol’ desktop computer for working.

Prior to leaving the country last summer we road tripped about the US for 3 months.  Thus this marks the end of a full 16 months of working on CoachAccountable exclusively on my laptop.

Put another way, the bulk of CoachAccountable 2.0’s creation thus far has happened with my very minimalist setup whilst traveling.

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Private Notes and Journal Entries

This is a facet of functionality that I’ve been deliberately dragging my feet on for a while.

The vision I’ve had of CoachAccountable as a collaborative workspace between client and coach has always assumed, naively perhaps, that everything should be completely open and shared between client and coach within the scope of their relationship.

So I never put much work into special controls/options to make certain content visible to coaches but not their clients, or vice-versa.  Sure, I had the ability to add private comments to stream items, but the partitioning of information between coach and client has remained willfully primitive for some time.

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