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Back in the USA!

After 365 days of living and traveling abroad, my wife and I returned last month to the US.  Last weekend we moved into a home here in Denver, and just yesterday I setup my desk and my trusty ol’ desktop computer for working.

Prior to leaving the country last summer we road tripped about the US for 3 months.  Thus this marks the end of a full 16 months of working on CoachAccountable exclusively on my laptop.

Put another way, the bulk of CoachAccountable 2.0’s creation thus far has happened with my very minimalist setup whilst traveling.

Working on CoachAccountable while traversing the globe afforded me ample time to think through what I should work on and how to approach it.  So every time I actually sat down with good internet access, I had a very clear sense of my approach.  My efforts never came from an impulsive “ack, I gotta add this or try that!” but rather always from a well reasoned, carefully thought out place.  The intentional quality by which things have played out (to my surprise, everything I’ve built/written/created has gone over really well in terms of forward progress) is in many ways thanks to the slow pace that working while traveling mandated.

It also gave me a hands on experience of the internationalization features, especially managing timezone differences with clients on the other side of the globe.   It’s been a great way to polish these otherwise hard-to-experience aspects to perfection.

A few highlights from around the world:

Now that I’m settled here in the US with a much more regular living arrangement, I’m excited to do much more focused work on the platform.  (And I promise to not let my ability to do unfettered, heads-down work compromise the well thought out approach that this year has instilled in me.)

Much more to come in the coming weeks, it’s good to be home!

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