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Being Coached with CoachAccountable: The Client Manual

10 months ago I released the “CoachAccountable’s Poignant Guide to Coaching with CoachAccountable”, a manual for coaches about how to incorporate CoachAccountable into their coaching style.

It is boisterous, just look at the color scheme of that sticker.

It is boisterous, just look at the color scheme of that sticker.

Today I’m excited to release a companion manual, written for the people being coached: “CoachAccountable’s Boisterous Guide to Being Coached with CoachAccountable“.

It covers both the motivation and mechanics of using the system.  My favorite part of this guide is that I’m inviting coaches to PLAGIARIZE THE HELL OUT OF IT.

Why?  These are strategies tuned to get clients more engaged in–and get the most from–the coaching process.  And even though they’re battle-tested over months of coaching, I readily grant that my voice and ideas might not be completely applicable to everyone’s coaching and clients.  So I’m inviting coaches to re-purpose and remix the ideas and essays in whatever way that fits to serve their clients.

Pass on the manual directly onto clients and tell them to skip the first half?  Cool.

Copy and paste whichever bits are useful into on-boarding materials?  Go for it.

Carefully read through and then co-opt the language and ideas to get clients oriented directly via conversation?  Love it.

However the ideas in this guide serve to get your clients more engaged and you to better coach them, I’m for it.

I’m really excited for this manual.  It finally represents a concise resource for coaching clients to get clear on–and excited about–the tools they’ll have while working with a coach.  I think it will help them generally get even more value out of the coaching work they undertake, and for me that’s the best part of all.

Download it here.

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