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Offering Collections

Offerings enable you to let your prospective clients sign up for and/or purchase your coaching services from your own website.  Just paste a little snippet of HTML in your website and CoachAccountable takes care of the rest: a spiffy little widget appears, allowing visitors to your site to book themselves right there.

Offerings are a great way to let folks book a complimentary session with you, join a coaching group, or purchase a course that you’ve created.  With such versatility in what an Offering can entail, we haven’t been surprised to see so many coaches who have more than one.

Enter Offering Collections.  Embedding (or linking to) an Offering makes available one single Offering.  Offering Collections allow you to take a collection of Offerings and make them available in a single widget (or on a single, standalone page).

Setting up a Collection is a snap.  Just give it a name, pick which of your Offerings should be included (I suspect *all of ’em* will be a common setup :) ), sort them however you like, and that’s it.

Clients can choose from multiple products with CoachAccountable Offering Collections

Add, remove, drag to sort. ‘Nuff said.

Once your Collection is created, you’ll find the same ways of embedding that Offerings have: a <script> or <iframe> tag for a widget, as well as a URL for linking to a fully hosted page.

Like with Offerings, Offering Collections are branded as your own in both widget and full-screen mode.

The Accessibility options allow current established clients to purchase additional products or services. You can also ensure that only established clients can sign up for these, which is nice if, for instance, you want to ensure they’ve done a discovery call before they can buy a package of coaching sessions. Learn more about those options here. 

Offering Collections in Action

I COULD put a screenshot of what a Collection looks like to your prospective coaching clients, BUT way more fun, I think, to show you one directly!  Here’s the Support Services Collection that we here at CoachAccountable are proud to make available to our customers:

You can also see how this Offering Collection looks on its standalone page.

Feel free to play around with it, and, if you’re sincerely interested in one of these services, we of course welcome you to sign yourself up!

Offering Descriptions

With Offerings now lined up in a sort of “menu” format, it’s nice to be able to show your would-be clients (who will be perusing said menu) a little more than just the name of each one.  To that end we added the “Descriptions” part of setting up an Offering:

Write a description for an Offering

A blurb to go on the menu, and a description for folks who want to know more.

Whatever blurbs you set for your Offerings appear in the “Choose” step for the Offerings in a Collection.  If you set a longer description (using the WYSIWYG editor just below), that will be accessible as well from that menu.

And that’s it!  Your online coaching portal is now able to serve as a tidy e-commerce front, making your coaching offerings more readily available to your would-be clients.  Enjoy!

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