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A CoachAccountable Story

This is a story about where we are headed: a day in the life of you.

You wake up at the leisurely hour of 8:45.  Not to an alarm, but to your body’s more natural rhythms.  As a rule you don’t schedule yourself for any calls before 10am and, flush with clients as you are, everyone you work with is happy to oblige that rule.

You do a quick check of your email.  A few items pop out at you.

Dave marked his action complete, “Have conversation with my boss about a raise”, and commented that it went really well, with a $5,000 boost to his salary effective next paycheck.  You take a moment to reply with a word of congrats and acknowledgement.

While you were sleeping two more people signed up for your 6-week program on how to confidently advance your career.  Money in the bank.  At $79 a pop it won’t make you rich, but with the materials you lovingly crafted 8 months ago set to drip to those new participants automatically it won’t entail any extra work either, and you know that based on your past conversion rates it’s likely that one of them will opt to become a one-on-one client before the program ends.

One other person booked themselves for a complimentary session, scheduled for next Tuesday at 11 and it’s already in your calendar.  Based on the answers in her intake form it looks like she’s a good fit, too.

No new signups for the subscription-based mastermind group, but that’s okay: with 16 members already in there it’s getting a little full, and you’re not keen to split it into two just yet.

You enjoy a leisurely breakfast and get ready for your day.

At your desk you glean through the happenings report of what’s new with your clients since yesterday.  Back when it was just you and a notebook you couldn’t have imagined keeping up with more than a dozen, but now you’re expertly juggling 23, nearly twice that amount, and with way less stress.  Ah, Alice rated herself a 9 yesterday on overall life happiness, a first since you started working together 4 weeks ago.  She comments that everything is really coming together thanks to the work she’s doing with you.  You click to post a quick comment back giving her credit for the things she’s really risen to.

You enjoy this little window into how your clients are doing during the time off between your sessions: clients feel the love of that extra attention and encouragement you give them now and again, and they appreciate you for it.

Just then, your phone buzzes: you’ve got a call with Gerald in 10 minutes.

You close out the happenings report and load up Gerald’s record.  He’s got a few of his action items marked off, but those around his presentation are showing as incomplete and late.  A review of the session notes from last time reminds you he was feeling a little anxious about that.  No problem, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, getting to what’s behind that in no time.  Otherwise his Metrics look good and, based on the pre-session Worksheet he filled out yesterday, he seems excited to speak with you.

Your phone buzzes again: you’ve got a call with Gerald in 1 minute.  Happily his phone number is right there in that text reminder—you finish collecting your thoughts and give Gerald a call right on time as always.

He’s happy to hear from you and you dive right in.

By the end he’s recommitted to the plan and has set more realistic deadlines for those steps you distinguished together.  You take five minutes and type up the key takeaways, and email them off with a few clicks.

You notice that was your 8th call with him out of his package of 12, and his next installment payment will be automatically run tomorrow.  You make a note to check in with him on his next call about his happiness with the engagement overall, setting the stage for continuing on if he’s in a fitting place to do so.

Next up you’ve got an 11:30 call with Shannon.  Ah, Shannon.  She was rather frazzled when you started work with her 6 months ago, but has since gotten a raise and then a promotion (also which entailed a raise).  She’s risen to the potential she always had and you guided her to the mindsets, habits and actions that got her where she wanted to be.

This is her last call with you; she’s good to go and knows it, won’t be re-upping for another package.  You couldn’t be happier.  When you started she was rating her weekly workplace satisfaction at 3s and 4s, now 8s and 9s are the norm.  Her salary and position are similarly improved.  She said she’d be happy to be a case study for your website.  With her permission, of course, you figure it would be great to embed one or two of her Metrics right there on the site—nothing tells a story quite like real results do.

The call is great: acknowledgement and completion are present in spades.  Afterwards with a few clicks you download her complete record.  You email it to her as sort of a parting gift, a nice little souvenir of the time you spent working together AND a treasure trove of the insights that she got out of working with you.  You then deactivate her account, knowing that if she ever wants to work with you again you can pick right up where you left off.

You then go with a friend at a café you’ve been meaning to try out, and enjoy a meandering lunch while talking about job satisfaction.  You take your time because, by and large, you’re done for the day.  Your client load and schedule of bi-weekly sessions (plus that mastermind group that meets weekly) means you’ve got about 2 or 3 calls scheduled per day, so this is not uncommon.  After lunch you go to the park to lie under a tree and read a book.

Later in the afternoon you feel a creative spark, so you resume work on your new course, “Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome”.  You feel it’s a light topic but with broad appeal, and one which you can speak to from your own experience and expertise.  You’re putting together some nice worksheet assignments and a regiment of action items you know to help.  You’ve even been dabbling with firing up the webcam on your laptop to record a few video riffs and make them a part of the course, because it’s a fun way to connect and let those who might like to work with you get better acquainted with what you’d be like to work with.

There’s no hurry, but you’ll probably wrap up work on this course next week or the week after that.  After testing it by going through it yourself and with a few friends, you’ll make it available for purchase on your website.  Maybe $39 for this one—it doesn’t have to be much, you just want to put something cool out there and this is a nice way for prospects to get interested in working with you one-on-one.

Before you know it your phone is buzzing with a reminder from your personal calendar: you’ve got plans tonight, dinner and drinks with friends, and you’re gonna be late if you don’t get yourself out the door.  You lost track of time in the creative flow; it’s cool, that can happen in a medium with which you can take your time to be put your best work forward that will be enjoyed again and again by many.  You’ll pick up with it tomorrow.

At dinner you buy an appetizer or two for the table, and remember with a smile how you would never do that in your leaner times as a freshly minted coach, before you knew how to attract a steady stream of clients.

Now you enjoy your time out with friends with a feeling of peace, a feeling that you’ve made it.  You retire at the end of the day satisfied, and excited to do it again tomorrow, to play the game of being a prosperous, difference-making coach.


  1. Hi John,

    Just love your writing style and this is just like I was writing “My Ideal Day” but then really connecting the dots of what CA makes possible for me and other coaches.

    Keep rocking your wizard brain and building CA to the BEST software a coach can use!

    Much love


    February 26, 2019 @ 8:21 am

  2. John,

    Thank you for painting a vivid picture of what coaching is like at its most ideal.

    I love your commitment to making coaching better every day.


    March 18, 2019 @ 10:41 am

  3. Marney

    YES. This is a brilliant narrative.
    My afternoon today is devoted to brushing up on my CA skills and finding some things I may have missed lately. Loved reading this first! Thank you John!

    March 19, 2019 @ 2:22 pm

  4. John

    Wow, Marney, coming from you who has been using the heck out of CoachAccountable for nearly 5 years already, that means a lot to me!

    Yes, many new goodies have been added during your CA tenure, especially over the last year (fun fact: just added folder organization to Whiteboards about 20 minutes ago! :). May you find some gems that will be specifically useful to you and your crew!

    March 19, 2019 @ 2:55 pm

  5. Kendall

    Hi John

    I loved reading this story. I’m just starting out, with coaching and Coach Accountable. I’ve been reading through the one month email course and working my way through trying to set up my first client. The more I learn the more I realise there is to learn. This story brings so much of the functionality together in a way that feels so inspirational to me. I’m going to keep re-reading this story until it becomes reality!

    Thank you John!

    Have a wonderful day.

    With love and appreciation.

    June 15, 2019 @ 10:52 am