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Team Edition Best Practice: Make Freebies for Your Coaches

If you’re a coach who uses CoachAccountable, you likely already know that you can have a freebie client: a client account you’re not billed for, useful for testing out content and coaching yourself.

If you’re a coaching organization using CoachAccountable’s Team Edition, each one of your coaches is also entitled to a freebie client.

Why Use a Freebie Client?

Most coaches find freebie clients useful for two types of activities: testing out coaching material and self-coaching.

Test Out Coaching Material

When you send an item to a client, you probably wonder how it lands. Using the freebie client to test your coaching content can help you adjust assignments’ timing, frequency, difficulty level, and more, based on your actual experience engaging with your content. If you’ve been with CoachAccountable a while, you may have already learned the benefits of ironing out content delivery with your freebie client first. Consider that the same benefit will be instrumental in your coaches’ grasp of and usage of the system.


Coaches want development, too! Your coaches can use their freebie clients for self-coaching. This is a great spot to keep that certification to-do list, measure progress on a daily meditation goal, journal about learnings gleaned from sessions, and, well, everything else the system does.

How to Set Up Freebie Clients for your Coaches

As an administrator of a Team Edition account, you can set up the freebie client for your coaches.

When you first create a new coach account, you’ll be presented with the Manage Team Member screen by which to further customize their permissions.  If you’ve opted for this team member to be a coach (rather than admin only), you’ll see the “Freebie Client” section as part of this manager screen:

Freebie Client setup for a new team coach

That does sound great, doesn’t it?

Simply click the big button and it’ll be done.

To see the result, go to the team clients list and refresh. You’ll see the new client with the blue “freebie” banner.  This new client will be automatically paired with the original coach account, making it the perfect setup for that new coach to experiment.

View your free team coaching clients

And if you skip doing this bit of setup when first adding a new coach?  No problem: at any time you can bring up the Coach Manager screen for a given coach.  Provided they are an active coach (and don’t already have a freebie client), the “Freebie Client” section will be there, putting you two clicks away from adding it.

Bonus: Train Your Coaches with Freebie Clients

You can also utilize these freebie clients for coach training. One way to do this is set up a Group for all the coaches and enroll all their freebie clients as members. That way you can assign items to the group, have a discussion between all the coaches, have some friendly competition tracking a Metric, and all the other benefits of Groups.

If you use CoachAccountable’s Team Edition, we highly recommend giving each of your coaches a freebie client. Your coaches will thank you, and you may even find yourself surprised by some great suggestions for usage of the platform as the coaches get familiar with both sides!

With CoachAccountable’s Team Edition, all your coach accounts are free, and they each get a free client, too. Try it out for 30 days at no charge.

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