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New Subscription Plan for Team Edition: Starter Mini

Aside from transitioning the paid add-ons (Courses, Groups, and White Labeling) to being core features that are free and included for all, CoachAccountable’s pricing has been remarkably stable (or, more precisely, completely unchanging in the 7+ years!).

The pricing for Team Edition, first released in 2015, has been similarly stable.  I remember fondly the certain mathematical elegance of how I based it on the Basic Account pricing: every plan simply had a zero added to the price, storage, and client capacities.  Each plan was 10x the size of it’s Basic counterpart, leading to the same per-client pricing across the board but at that larger scale.

This has worked pretty well, BUT I realize has left a certain “no man’s land” when it came to smaller coaching teams, especially teams of 2.

Smaller teams coaching well under 20 clients have been left with the tricky choice between maintaining two separate accounts (without benefit of sharing and collaboration) and biting the bullet for the sometimes far more expensive Team Account.

To better serve that gap we’re happy to today to introduce the new Team Edition Starter Mini plan.

With a Team Edition Starter Mini, you can have up to 10 clients (and unlimited coaches or admin) for $100 per month. The same amount of clients (10) with a single coach account will run you $70, which makes a much more palatable transition ($30) for those smaller teams and organizations.

Affordable coaching software for 2 coaches

This also presents an easy solution for coaches that hire (or want to hire!) outside admin personnel to set appointments or run reports. Previously, you’d have to choose between the higher-priced Team Starter plan and sharing your own login information with admin people (which is of course more risky).

If you already have a Team Edition account with 10 active clients or fewer, you’ll be automatically switched to (and billed at!) the new lower price when your next billing date arrives.

And if you already have a CoachAccountable Basic account and you’re ready to take the leap into Team Edition with the new $100/month price, simply click on your name in the upper right >> My Account >> Account Type, and you can migrate with just a few clicks.  (And rest assured: switching back is just as easy! :)


  1. Marney

    John, this is great news!! I’ll be signing up asap, thanks to this new “training wheels” step. Thank you!

    October 22, 2019 @ 6:19 pm

  2. Sue Lyndes

    This is awesome John, thank you!


    October 23, 2019 @ 10:19 am