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Improve the Sales Funnel Journey With Offering-Specific Page Arrangements

In a recent conversation with a coach, I heard the following request:

I want to nurture my clients through a very specific sales funnel.

  1. They should come in through a basic, self-paced Course, which only includes a few items (Actions and Worksheets).
  2. Then, if they want to (and have proven themselves as a good fit), at the end of the Course they can see what else is possible with the system and upgrade to Group Coaching.
  3. After that, I want to upsell with my One-on-One Coaching.
  4. (Optional) the big-ticket private mastermind.

How can I best use CoachAccountable to make this funnel happen?

Enter Offering-Specific Page Arrangement. Let’s take a look.

An Offering allows clients (or prospective clients) to sign up and book with you, with other items kicking in automatically if you want. These automated items can include:

  • an Appointment,
  • a set of onboarding materials (Course),
  • enrollment in a Group,
  • a set of signup questions (Worksheet),
  • a contract (Agreement),
  • a series of invoices (Engagement).

Now, you can also set a specific Page Arrangement as part of signup.

New Client/Prospect: Pared-Down Portal

For the above example, the coach will set the Page Arrangement for the self-paced Course to only show a bare-bones setup: Overview, Stream, Actions, and Worksheets.

Set that in the last tab of the Offering editor.

Now, when a client signs up for this Offering, they’ll have a brand new CoachAccountable account with just these things showing!

Here’s what that looks like from the client’s perspective.

Bare-bones setup in action!

And just like that, our client is off to the races.

The Upsell Opportunity

Then, at a later point, our coach can turn on some of the other features and introduce these items to the client (here’s how). The ensuing conversation can open up discussion around how the other features can help the client reach her goals – and the coach’s sales funnel is set up to include certain items at certain price points, as listed in the original request.

Step up your sales game by giving new clients a tangible view into your system. Sign up for your free 30-day trial of CoachAccountable here. 

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