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Customize Client Access to Appointment Types

With CoachAccountable Engagements, you can allow only certain clients to book appointments within a package, and with Offerings you can let prospective clients book an Appointment Type that established clients can’t see (and vice-versa).

Emma, Chief Organizational Officer at Action Edge Business Coaching, asked about yet another level of appointment access customization:

Is it possible to restrict which clients are able to book a certain appointment type?

For example, we do 15-30 minute check in calls with employees of some of our clients. We don’t want all our clients to be able to access that. Is there a way to specify who can see this within the appointment types?

Introducing client-specific appointment access settings!

This is perfect if you, like Action Edge, have different types of coaching clients, where only some clients should have access to a particular type of appointment. Another great fit is coaches who have different levels of access (i.e. higher-paying clients get longer sessions), different areas of coaching, or even different locations (perhaps in-person meetings can happen, but only for certain individuals nearby).

Let’s take a look.

Within the Manage Client area for a given client, click on Settings and you’ll see a new tab: Appointments.

The first section, Self-Scheduling, looks familiar from Engagements, and allows you to make individualized exceptions to your general account settings for Engagements.  Learn more about those options here.

The second section, Appointment Types, allows a more granular breakdown of exactly which types of appointments this person can schedule. Select “only appointments of the following types”, and you’ll see a listing of all your available Appointment Types appear. Make your selections, then save.

Client-specific appointment booking settings

For Team Edition accounts, you’ll notice that the list includes Appointment Types available for all of the coaches the client is paired with. This allows further granularity: even if Mikayla has four coaches, perhaps she’s only allowed to schedule with three of them, and you can make those selections accordingly.

That’s all there is to it – a small but mighty way to further dial in your appointment settings!

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