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Custom Email Message Templates

CoachAccountable offers various ways to message your clients with ease.

Courses allow you to automate a sequence of messages.

Future scheduled messages can also be helpful.

And now, for those messages that you tend to send to clients often, you can create and save Custom Message Templates.

Creating Custom Message Templates

Go to Settings >> System >> Message Templates >> Custom Message Templates to get started. Click +Message Template.


You’ll see the familiar WYSIWYG toolbar, where you can add links, formatting, etc.

Using Custom Message Templates

When composing an email to a client or Group, you’ll see the “template” option in the upper right of the composing window.


Note: you will not see this option if you have no Custom Message Templates, so create your templates first.


Click template… and the resulting pop-up allows you to choose from your existing templates or create a new one.


Clicking Load queues up the chosen template for any further customization before sending.

Install Pre-Made Custom Templates

In typical CoachAccountable fashion, we’ve created a couple for you to use and/or edit as you see fit; they’re called “Checking In”, and “Our Next Steps”.

Click here to install those in your account.

1 Comment

  1. Jonn Kares

    This is grea,t Morgan!
    Will Custom Templated messages have the Scheduling feature added?
    I might want to compose a frequently used message to be sent at some future planned time.

    February 3, 2022 @ 7:47 pm