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Focus on What’s Recent in Metrics

Metrics are a phenomenal tool for bringing visibility into client performance over time, and constitute the creating of a game worth playing at (and a goal worth playing for) during the course of a coaching relationship.

By virtue of tracking things on a routine basis, a record builds that make it possible to spot trends, revealing coachable insights around what’s working and what’s not.

Because of this, it’s not uncommon to track Metrics for a year or more.  There’s value in doing so, but at the same time that means more past performance is apt to be less relevant to how things have more recently played out.

To make it easier to focus on more recent performance, it’s now possible to set the Display Options for a given Metric to show only a select, sliding window of the most recent past.  When setting up a Metric, reveal this setting by clicking the “Modify display options…” link, like so:

UI for summoning Metric display options

UI for setting display options to show most recent data

You can choose to show the most recent days or data points.

When set, the Metric graphs that display to you and your clients will be suitably focused on whatever window of recency you choose, turning something that looks like this, for example (a Metric that’s been diligently tracked for almost a year):

Metric graph showing a year of data

Kinda hard to see specifics… how are things lately?

into this:

Metric graph with only the last 30 days

Ah, that’s clear! Nice!

What Happened to the Past Data?

It’s all still there.  Whenever there’s enough history in a given Metric to warrant the cutting off of the further-back past, you’ll find a “view all” link just above the right side of the graph.  Simply click that to reveal the whole history, and again to toggle back to what’s more recent.

The Best of Both Worlds

The ability to display only the most recent data allows you to have your cake, and eat it too: you’re able to track important things over long spans of time, AND get a clear picture of how things have gone more recently.


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