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CoachAccountable turns 2 today!

Birthday cake

I’ll level with you here: I totally just Photoshopped last year’s cake to add second a candle.

Today CoachAccountable marks its second birthday.

With the release of the Client Manual, Groups, remixed Billing, Happenings Reports, appointment worksheets, Engagement Reports, Team Edition, Action Projects, client records exporting, embedded videos, and a whole host of other improvements it’s been a good year.

To celebrate, I have a big announcement:

Effective today, CoachAccountable Courses and CoachAccountable Groups add-ons are FREE.

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Seamlessly Share Video & Audio with Embedded Files

Got videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or Viddler that you’d like to share with clients as part of their coaching program with you?

CoachAccountable now lets you share such media (as well as audio clips) right within the system itself, allowing for seamless delivery of video and audio content in your programs.

You can now embed video from:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Viddler
  • Wistia
  • TED
  • EduCreations
  • Cubby

And audio from:

  • AudioAcrobat
  • LibSyn
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify

To do this, simply add the video or audio clip to your Library by pasting in whatever embed code is provided by the hosting site.  YouTube’s embed code for a given video, for example, can be found under Share:

YouTube embed code

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Customer Raves: Michael Leahy

It was last fall when I first made the acquaintance of Michael Leahy of BraveHearts on the telephone, and since then he’s been one of CoachAccountable’s most discerning power users.

His thorough use of Groups and Courses have pushed the platform forward, and his perspective and insight of what would be useful have lead to an impressively high rate of his feature requests ultimately making it into the system1.

One of our more recent exchanges led to the creation and launch of Client Engagement Reports, and as with so many other bouts of his feedback CA is better for it.

In June Michael was kind enough to favor CoachAccountable with a testimonial.  I usually prefer kind words regarding CoachAccountable to be more about the software than about me (because the software should stand on its own merits, right?), but I suppose the customer support aspect of CA is worth touting now and then (and my wife will tell you I spend a lot of time on that part of the business!)

Take it away, Michael.

Michael LeahyIf you are a successful coach or mentor and you’re looking for a best practices, leading edge platform to work with, look no further. As a discriminating and hard to please  technology industry veteran of 20 years, I spent YEARS trying to find a robust, fully functional solution for my mentoring practice that integrated appointment management AND client/practice management tools, AND that also offered excellent, responsive support. The winner hands down is John Larson and Coach Accountable

Rarely have I encountered an application developer like John who is so level headed, responsive and easy to work with. He truly believes in his product and loves his work, and it shows. And while I don’t always get my way re- new feature requests (who does), when it comes to fixing those inevitable software bugs or adding that logical functionality that might have been overlooked in a new software release, I’ve never met anyone more capable or responsive as John has been.

So let me save you a lot of wasted time and effort searching to and fro for a rock solid coaching/mentoring platform from which to grow your practice – choose CoachAccountable and spend more time doing what we all love and really want to do – coaching and mentoring!

Michael Signature


  1. I welcome coaches who are using the system in earnest to weigh in on what would make the platform even better for them.  I don’t act on all of them because every new feature comes at a cost of complexity and dilution of other features, but ideas that I recognize to be widely useful among coaches generally make it in eventually.

Introducing Action Projects

Actions are CoachAccountable’s way of helping coaches structure action plans with their clients and manage completion between sessions.  Actions recently got a big leg up this week with the addition of Action Projects.

An Action Project is a way to group related actions under the banner of a single project:

How close is the project to being done? The progress bar gives the overall picture.

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